Voice Insights For Client Calls


Enabling Voice Insights for Client Calls

To enable Voice Insights, login to console with your Twilio account, switch to the Programmable Voice section using the phone icon in the left nav. Under the new Insights (Beta) tab, visit the settings section in the left nav. Choose the checkbox to enable Insights. Click Save. Insights is now enabled. To enable Insights for your subaccounts, switch to the subaccount and enable Insights from the settings. 


Voice Insights Settings

 Client Insights Account Reports 

With Insights, you can view account level reports that provide analytics for all the client calls across Twilio Client over last 30 days. Insights data is available for client calls made using Twilio Client JS 1.3 and 1.4 SDKs. After enabling Insights, click on the Client tab. You will see the account report overview page, with the date range selection shown. Select the date range for which you want to view the data from the dropdown. Data for twilio client calls will be aggregated over the selected date range. You can see the detailed breakdown of the overview data by clicking on any of the tabs. The details on the breakdown is explained below: 

Overview: Dashboard for tracking your KPIs in the selected time range. The metrics presented using the donut charts on the overview page are described below.

  • Total Calls: Total number of client calls logged in the selected time range
  • Failed to connect: Percentage (and number) of these calls that failed to be set up. These could be due to authentication/audio device/permission issues.
  • Terminated with error: Percentage (and number) of calls  that disconnected because of an error. The error most commonly results from network degradation. 
  • Affected by network: These are calls where call quality perceivably dropped, but calls weren't disconnected.
  • Feedback score: If you are reporting feedback from end users to Twilio using Twilio Client's feedback APIs, you'll see statistics on reported scores here. 
  • Feedback issues: If you are reporting feedback from end users to Twilio using Twilio Client's feedback APIs, you'll see statistics on reported issues here. 
  • Disconnected by agent: One of the KPIs our customers commonly care about is "Who disconnected the call?". This "Disconnected by agent" metric provides the % of time the call was disconnected by the twilio client user (local/contact center agent). 



Each of the tabs in the overview tab break down these top level metrics into more detail by IP Addresses, Clients, Region, Direction and Browser. This is described further below: 

  • Client: If you are specifying a client name in your connection object, you will see the call data for each client. With this data, you'll be able to know which clients are affected most from call errors or deteriorated network. 
  • IP Address: Similarly, the breakdown by IP Address enables you to view the affected calls for each IP address. 
  • Browser: This breakdown enables you to view call errors by browser. It is specially useful when uncovering certain browser upgrades affect your user's experience.
  • Direction: Provides breakdown of issues for incoming/outgoing calls.
  • Region: This chart will enable you to isolate call quality issues to the AWS region from which calls are being routed.  



Viewing Call level Insights

To view call level Insights, navigate to call logs from the left nav in Console. To view data for a specific call, click on the timestamp to view the call level detail as shown. Since, Insights is available for Twilio client calls, you can know if a call is a Client call by checking the Type column in call logs. 

Viewing Insights using the To or From Number

You can also find calls if you know the To/From number. To find calls using  the To phone number, search for the phone number in the filter bar. From the filtered call list, click on the timestamp to go to the call details page as shown above. Now select the Parent CallSid from the call details page. This represents the client leg of this call for which insights are available.

To find calls using  the From phone number, search for the phone number in the filter bar. From the filtered call list, click on the timestamp to go to the call details page as shown above. Now select the Child CallSid from the call details page. This represents the client leg of this call for which insights are available.




Call Events

The event log provides events on any state change transitions that occur during a call, warnings seen on deteriorating network quality or audio equipment malfunction, and the events raised when the feedback submitted by the end user. Event log also contains errors seen on connection failures. Connection errors occur when Twilio Client fails to connect with Twilio servers. These failures can occur because of severe network degradation or due to a firewall. To view more details on events, visit the Events API page. You can view the events in console using the events tabs shown. 




Twilio client periodically sends metrics on network and audio quality to Insights servers. The dotted orange threshold lines on the graphs indicate the values beyond which there is perceivable drop in call quality. The threshold line is based on the ITU standards. To learn more about the network metrics, visit Metrics API docs.



After the end of the call, the events and metrics summarized into a single JSON doc. The call summary contains the user-submitted feedback, the total number of events classified by group and level, and percentile statistics on metrics gathered for the call. To learn more about the data in Summary, visit the Summary API docs.





  • Does Voice Insights work with older versions of Twilio Client (1.2 and earlier)?

    • No, Voice Insights is only supported for Twilio Client 1.3 or later.

  • Which browsers does Voice Insights work with?

    • Voice Insights works with Opera, Chrome, and Edge. Currently, Voice Insights quality metrics are not available for Firefox. Metrics for Firefox will be added soon. However, call events are still available for Firefox.

  • Does Voice Insights work with Android and iOS SDKs?

    • Voice Insights for mobile SDKs is under development. You will still get call events and number of calls. However, network metrics and warnings are currently unavailable, and will be made available soon.

  • Why do I see high latency in the beginning of the call?

    • High latency and low MOS in the first 10 seconds of the call, while the call is being set up connected is normal. 

  • What does the grey section on the metrics graphs mean? 

    • The grey section on the metrics graph indicates the metrics recorded at setup time during the first 15 seconds of the call. The metrics recorded during this time do not accurately reflect call quality, and no warning events are generated until the metrics are normalized. 

  • Why don’t I see Insights for my client calls?

    • You have to enable Insights using the opt-in flow shown above.

  • For how long is the Insights data available?

    • Insights data for each call is available for 30 days after the call was made/received.
  • I just enabled Insights. Why do I see only 1 days' data?

    • Insights data is available only from the time you last enabled Insights. If you disable Voice Insights, you'll lose access to prior data. We strongly recommend downloading your data using the APIs before disabling Insights.  

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