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Device Certification (for production)

Any product utilizing the T-Mobile Narrowband network that is intended for commercialization will need to be certified by T-Mobile. As the OEM/Product Developer, device capability information will have to be provided to T-Mobile. This is a necessary step needed before you mass manufacture your device.

Certification requirements include security certification, 'Safe For Network' testing, and delta certification for PTCRB. T-Mobile will also onboard the device to its Device Management platform.

Fast path to certification:

  • Use a T-Mobile pre-certified module. T-Mobile certified and whitelisted modules are listed here.

Required certifications and tests:

  • Module certification completed through T-mobile
  • PTCRB of the product completed
  • Device Security (CTIA) test plan
  • Device Management verified through T-mobile
  • Safe for Network (T-Mobile)

The entire end-end certification process can take up to 4-6 weeks and there are additional costs involved. Please work with your assigned Twilio representative or write to us at to get assistance.

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