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Supported Devices

Twilio does not provide an explicit list of supported and non-supported cellular devices, instead, we strive to support all devices that conform to a set of requirements.

Using a Twilio SIM, in order to successfully connect to a cellular network and reach the Internet, your device should:

  1. Be physically capable of connecting to the radio towers of one of our partner networks using 2G, 3G or 4G standards. Note: We don’t provide an exhaustive list of what's required to connect to each network in each country - it's worth noting that every partner network will evolve its radio capabilities over time. is an excellent resource for determining what networks your device is compatible with, based on cellular radio technologies and frequency bands.
  2. Have achieved PTCRB, GCF, or another regional certification that permits you to deploy the device in the target region in accordance with local industry regulation.
  3. Have a configurable Access Point Name (APN). For Programmable Wireless, the device must use the APN ''. For Super SIM, the device must use the APN 'super'. For Narrowband, the device must use the APN ‘iot.nb’. If you are not able to configure the APN on your device, it will not connect to the Internet successfully.

Special Considerations for Consumer Type Devices (iPhone, Android, etc)

Certain consumer devices, including the iPhone and Android devices from some manufacturers, will not allow the end-user to configure the APN. As per requirement c above, this means the device will not be able to connect to the Internet using a Twilio SIM. There are workarounds to this, whereby a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, or other enterprise configuration tools, can enable you to configure the APN on fleets of iOS and Android devices. Twilio does not currently provide tooling to help with this, but if the APN has been configured successfully, Internet connectivity should be available to the device.

Special Considerations for Narrowband IoT

Twilio Narrowband IoT is presented in partnership with T-Mobile. The Twilio Programmable Wireless Narrowband SIM enables access to the T-Mobile Narrowband network. Any product utilizing the T-Mobile Narrowband network that is intended for commercialization will need to be certified by T-Mobile. To learn more about certification requirements for your Narrowband device, follow this tutorial.

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