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Programmable Wireless: Understanding SIM statuses

Now that you’ve got a Programmable Wireless SIM with a Rate Plan configured, you will want to make sure the SIM is Active on the cellular network.

What are SIM statuses?

The status of a SIM determines its state on the network. At any given time, the status of a SIM can be in one of eight different statuses:

  • new
  • ready
  • active
  • suspended
  • deactivated
  • canceled
  • scheduled
  • updating

The available status values of a Sim instance are described in the SIMs REST API.

You can check the status of your SIMs in the Console

In your Console, the status of your purchased SIMs are indicated in the Status column on the SIMs page, as well as on the Configure tab of a selected SIM.


You can check or change the status of a SIM on the Configure page:

  1. Open the SIMs section of the Console.
  2. Select any SIM, which will display Configure tab for that SIM.
  3. The current status will be shown in the STATUS dropdown menu.
  4. You can open the dropdown menu and change the status. Options include New (default), Ready and Active.

Need help registering a SIM? Refer to the Ordering and registering your first SIM guide.

SIM status scenarios and FAQ



I want to validate that my SIM can connect to the network without initiating a Monthly SIM Fee*.

* Not available for the Narrowband developer plan

Place your SIM in the ready state. You can send up to 250KB of data before it transitions to active. There is no Monthly Recurring Cost on a SIM in this state up to three months.

I want to quickly test a large number of SIMs without incurring a large MRC charge.

See above. Your SIM can live in the ready state for up to three months without charge.

Can a SIM use Programmable Voice or Programmable SMS in the ready state?

No, currently a SIM must be in the active state to use Programmable Voice and Programmable SMS. This support is coming soon.

Suspending your SIM

To keep a SIM alive but not active, you can change its state to suspended. This is free for 3 months, and will begin charging your account after three months. See the support page to learn more about Wireless SIM Billing.

The SIM Cancellation Lifecycle

SIMs can't go directly into a canceled state. The SIM will instead switch into the deactivated state (which is a moratorium state between active and canceled.) Your SIM will stay deactivated for 72 hours. If it is not changed to suspended or active, it will change to canceled.

Once a SIM has a status of canceled, it's no longer usable - it's gone, or, as we might say "bricked." This is useful if your device is stolen, or if you need to terminate a specific device. Switching to the canceled state will ensure that you stop getting charged permanently.

I’ve got an active SIM but what can I do with it?

Your SIM is live and ready to use with the capabilities you’ve enabled.

Continue to the next sections to learn about machine-to-machine commands, make phone calls with Programmable Voice, or send text messages with Programmable SMS.

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