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A better way to conduct phone surveys.

Automate polls and surveys quickly with no limit on questions or surveys.

Create custom polls in minutes.

Measure sentiment or collect feedback with just a few lines of code.

Load contacts & polling questions from your databases or business logic

Write a few lines of code to conduct a survey via voice or SMS

Your contacts respond & interact by keypad, voice or SMS

Feedback at your fingertips.

Telephone surveys once required dozens of people making hundreds of calls and expensive telephony equipment. No longer. Thanks to cloud communications, automated polls and surveys are now within reach of any organization, regardless of size or budget.

According to the American Association for Public Opinion Research, automated polls have proven to be just as accurate as polls conducted by live interviewers. And they have the added advantage of guaranteeing consistency.

Surveys in a few lines of code.

With Twilio, there’s additional benefits. There’s no limit to the number of questions that can be asked or surveys that can be run. Organizations can easily create custom polls or surveys on any topic they choose, and view results immediately.

All you need to do is ask.

Marketing professionals, customer care organizations and political campaigns are using automated polls and surveys to improve their performance by incorporating feedback on everything from new products to customer service interactions.

Market research

Product launches can be more successful when marketers use automated surveys to determine whether a new concept or design resonates with target audiences.

Customer service

Leading customer care organizations get higher marks for customer satisfaction by making sure they always ask customers what they can do better.

Political campaigns

Whether you are running for school board or the U.S. Senate, automated polling offers a cost-effective way of connecting with voters.

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