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Click to call made easy.

Add click to call to your website in three simple steps.

You sign up for Twilio and write a few lines of code

A visitor clicks a link to reach an agent and enters their phone number

Twilio automatically connects the visitor and the agent

What is Click-to-call?

Click-to-call is a web-based communication that allows website visitors to click on a button, image, or text to initiate an immediate phone connection with a service or person. The technology used is VoIP (voice over internet protocol) and can be programmed to track the call, record the call, or do any number of programable voice functions.

Calls that convert.

Online retailers who feature click-to-call buttons on their websites report better conversion rates, higher average orders and increased sales. Not only is the button convenient for customers, it also provides salespeople with additional information they can use to seal a deal.

But many retailers are still reluctant to install click to call because it has traditionally been difficult and expensive. In order to make calls, retailers had to lease phone lines and invest in complex hardware and software.

Clicks into calls with code.

With Twilio, offering click to call is as easy as adding a few lines of code to a website or integrating Twilio with a web tracking solution. You pay only for the calls that connect, and you can even use your existing phone number.

Clicks that connect.

Businesses and organizations are looking for easier ways to connect everyone from online shoppers to home buyers with the item they are searching for or the service they need.

Insurance policies

People who are shopping for insurance often want to talk to an agent about their options. Transfer them in less than a second with click to call.

Clinical trials

Patients with life-threatening diseases sometimes search the web fruitlessly for information. Click to call connects them directly to a professional who can help.

Homes for sale

One way to quickly sell a home is to list it on a popular real estate site. Adding your agent’s number to a click-to-call button can generate offers even faster.

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