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A smarter way to handle calls.

Customer information at your agents' fingertips in just a few lines of code. Coordinate an agent's call with on-screen caller info.

Route calls with context.

Achieve the promise of CTI with a few lines of code.

You write a few lines of code connecting Twilio and your CRM system

A caller dials your Twilio number, and information about them is presented to the agent

The call audio is streamed through the browser or your traditional phone

The power of CTI in a web app.

Computer telephony integration, known as CTI, has long promised to put all relevant customer information at an agent's fingertips. With CTI, an agent can see at a glance what products a caller is using, whether they had previously sought help, and whether they are a high-value long-time user or a new prospect.

But the price of CTI has also been high: costly implementations that could take months, sometimes years, along with maintenance fees and upgrades that brought additional headaches. The good news is that's changing thanks to new communications apps that provide the functionality of CTI at a fraction of the expense.

Build the future phone

With Twilio, you can recreate traditional CTI capabilities simply by writing JavaScript code that trigger a screen pop with the caller’s information. The code can be used by any number of agents without any additional cost. You’ll only pay for the minutes and numbers you use.

Better context. More satisfied customers.

From customer service to inbound sales, any employee can benefit from having relevant caller information at their fingertips.

Customer service

Don't start from zero in every customer interaction - just pick up the conversation where the user left off with their last agent.

Product support

Minimize call times by making sure that agents are familiar with any prior troubleshooting captured by the account record.

Inbound sales

Agents have a better chance of converting a prospect if they know a little bit about them—their industry, their title or their recent activity on your website.

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