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Get users from website to mobile app install.

Make onboarding new app users as easy as surfing your website. Deliver apps from your website to your users' phones.

Share your app with the ease of a text message.

Make onboarding new app users as easy as surfing your website.

A user on your website enters their mobile phone number

The user immediately gets a text message with a link to your app on the app store

The user downloads & installs the app, and they're off to the races

Get your users from desktop to app.

In the mobile app business, getting your users to install is the name of the game - often you have one chance to catch a user's attention and entice them to install. This gets tougher when you've caught their attention on their laptop. The path from desktop to app install is nearly all friction.

Fortunately, there's a better way. In a few lines of code you can provide your users a way to enter their phone number on your website, and have an SMS delivered to their phone with a link to download your app. All your user has to do is tap the link, install, and they're off to the races.

The easiest code you'll write all day.

Removing friction is paramount in converting new users - to help smooth their path to conversion, the link you deliver can be to a page on your website that detects the phone's UserAgent and redirects to the appropriate app store.

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