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Notify users with voice & sms.

Attract immediate attention with SMS and voice notifications the minute something happens.

Add alerts and notifications to any business process.

Show customers you care with just a few lines of code.

You create an app out of a few lines of code

You set up business rules that determine when the app triggers an alert or notification

The alert prompts Twilio to send either an SMS or voice message to your customers

Communicate critical information.

SMS messages are instant, inexpensive and reliable. Unlike emails, they attract our immediate attention. That is why, increasingly, they are the communications channel of choice for everyone from local governments and local businesses to major brands and multinational companies. And for folks who don’t like SMS, voice notifications can be just as dependable.

With proactive alerts and notifications, the minute X happens, it triggers a message for customer Y. If you have a business process that involves coordinating lots of logistics, proactive notifications can reliably replace the middleman.

Alerts in a few lines of code.

With Twilio, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your messages have been dependably delivered. Whether your goals are improved customer service or streamlined business operations, Twilio makes it easy to provide people information they need, when they need it.

Connections you can count on.

Businesses and organizations use proactive alerts and notifications to send urgent, sometimes vital information that customers need to make decisions about their lives. What may seem frivolous to one person may make or break someone else’s plans.

Concert tickets

Connect the seller of a spare concert ticket with a buyer—and ensure the ticket is legitimate and the delivery is on-time. With proactive notifications, Twilio takes the work out of the workflow.

Fraud alerts

Warn customers about suspicious activity in their accounts, whether they happen to be in Boston or Buenos Aires. Twilio lets you send either a voice message or SMS depending on your customers’ preferences.

Travel plans

Keep airports—and passengers—humming. Send out proactive notifications about itinerary changes and flight delays. Contact ten passengers or 10,000. Your Twilio-powered app will scale in response to your business needs.

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