Deploy large fleets of narrowband devices

Build a narrowband solution with Twilio IoT on the first-ever US narrowband network from T-Mobile.

Twilio IoT has been acquired by KORE
You can find more details about the transaction in our press release.

Network tower with signal

Connect your IoT devices over T-Mobile’s US Narrowband Network

Take your narrowband devices to market quickly if your IoT use case requires US narrowband connectivity. Narrowband is designed to improve power consumption for devices sending smaller or infrequent packets of data, while reducing the costs of connectivity and hardware.


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Control your devices with powerful developer tools

Breakout SDK for massive IoT

  • Breakout SDK abstracts complex elements of Narrowband IoT deployment

  • Twilio removes development barriers by handling tasks such as network registration on your behalf

  • Intelligently optimized communication between devices and cloud services based on your network capability requirements across IP, Non-IP, and SMS

Straightforward Narrowband access

  • Uncomplicated, easy Narrowband connectivity on T-Mobile’s US Narrowband Network

  • Connect and manage your SIM using intuitive REST APIs or manage your fleet from the Twilio Console

  • Start building now with no minimum commitments or NDAs

  • Learn more about building with Narrowband by browsing our developer resources

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Narrowband plans & pricing

Order multi-size SIM cards for $3 or embedded SIMs for $4. Get started with Narrowband IoT and start building.