Programmable Asset Tracker

Customize by use case at your convenience

Finally, an IoT asset tracker that’s fully customizable, functional, ready to deploy out of the box—and easy to evolve over time.

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The new standard in GPS asset tracking

Introducing the first truly programmable asset tracker. Backed by the proven Twilio IoT platforms, you get everything to deploy at scale right out of the box—premium functionality, connectivity, end-to-end security, data visibility, production hardware, fleet management—for total flexibility when you want it.


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Peerless customizability, scalablility, and security

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    Customizable at any layer

    Customize your device from firmware all the way up to the cloud with over-the-air updates. Change how and when you get alerts and reports on asset location, motion, and more.

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    Faster to market

    Deploy production volumes in record time with pre-certified hardware from our ODM partners, open-source and web-first software, as well as out-of-the-box, global network connectivity.

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    Ownership and data security

    Own the intellectual property for every app and solution customization you make, and gain total visibility of all data flows and encryption to mitigate the risk of data leaks.

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    Seamless scalability

    Seamlessly scale and manage hundreds of thousands of units in the field using Twilio’s proven IoT platforms that span any domestic or global region.

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The only truly customizable asset tracker

Accelerate your time to market with a single device that supports most use cases right out of the box—and can be modified by any web developer to handle the rest.

Use cases

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Transforms to any use case and evolves on command

You can transform the functionality of the Programmable Asset Tracker with the touch of a button. The software can evolve to better serve your use cases over time. It’s a future-proof device that drives operational efficiency.

Send delivery status updates with the Twilio Programmable Messaging API

Vehicles and trailers

Track the location and condition of your fleet with built-in shock sensors, GPS geofencing, and customizable alerts that protect cargo.

Critical goods

Protect sensitive cargo like livestock or organs, with configurable sensors for temperature, impact, battery life, and more.

Cold chain monitoring

Monitor perishable goods with temperature sensors, and configurable alerts to prevent waste in real-time around the globe.

Containers, pallets, and equipment

Ensure sound, timely deliveries with complete cargo condition monitoring triggered by factors like tilt, weight, impact, and more.


Network tower with signal

Customizable features for your exact business needs

Location capabilities

  • Outdoor tracking via GNSS and cellular triangulation

  • Indoor tracking via WiFi/BLE passive signal

  • Customizable modes for optimal battery life

  • Multi-source precision location

  • Theft recovery mode

“Twilio’s Programmable Asset Tracking solution toolkit lets us deliver a unique solution to each of our customers without requiring deep expertise in embedded systems, resulting in a better and more reliable tracking experience.”

Gabriel Weeks President, GPX Intelligence

“The Twilio Programmable Asset Tracker combines three important areas of IoT: hardware, software, and connectivity—a rare combination, especially with the level of customization it offers. It’s a unique solution that can fill a big void in the IoT market.”

Sandra Wendelken Senior Research Analyst, Mobile and IoT Services, IDC


Getting started

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Gain a new level of speed and flexibility with the first asset tracker that’s future-proof and fully customizable right out of the box. All without any contracts.