Programmable wireless

Gain global cellular IoT connectivity

Easily provision, manage, and monitor usage data with an API on T-Mobile’s global partner network.

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Build with an API trusted by millions of developers

Take advantage of T-Mobile's US network and global partnerships with Programmable Wireless, giving you the tools to easily control, analyze, and monitor cellular connectivity from your Twilio Console or via the Twilio API.


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Why Programmable Wireless?

Build with Twilio on T-Mobile’s global networks

If your IoT solution requires connecting to T-Mobile’s global partner networks, Programmable Wireless has the tools you need. But if you want to access Tier 1 cellular networks globally and have greater

control over your connectivity, Twilio Super SIM is the powerhouse SIM you need.

Directly control your IoT devices and machines

Define global device capabilities with a single SIM lifecycle management API, and send and receive machine-to-
machine commands via the SMS channel using our Commands API. Access analytics and usage data for your SIMs, and debug and diagnose connectivity issues.

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Super SIM

Go beyond Narrowband and access the world’s top-tier cellular and IoT-only networks with a single Multi-IMSI SIM. Control your connectivity with the simplicity of one API, console, and bill—from one provider.


Programmable Wireless plans & pricing

Programmable Wireless pricing is optimized for your usage by taking into account variables like number of SIMs, data usage, and geography to produce a pricing plan tailored to your needs.