Twilio Flex / Analytics

Unlock data to optimize your contact center

Control and customize every aspect of your contact center.

Flex delivers the data you need to improve agent, supervisor, and administrator performance.

Flex brings the whole picture into focus by surfacing data from every corner of your contact center.
Track data from customer interactions, contact routing, and agent presence to identify areas for improvement across your organization.
Monitor and manage agent performance
Use Flex’s supervisor tools to monitor agent interactions in real time on any channel. Whisper advice to improve the customer interaction or barge to assist the agent directly.
Use customizable desktops to deliver that critical data to agents, supervisors, and administrators in real time.
Act fast with real-time data
Flex’s administrator tools let you control granular and high-level contact center performance. Track interaction volume, agent availability, and queue volume to intelligently determine where to assign agents.

Flex Workforce Optimization

Gain complete visibility of your customers’ journey. Flex WFO is designed to streamline your contact center, make agents more productive, and customers happier.

Customize dashboards easily with intuitive tools
Flex democratizes your contact center data, letting you craft dashboards specifically designed for agents, or supervisors, or administrators using simple drag and drop tools.
Improve agent performance with detailed insights
Use real-time and historical dashboards to give agents visibility into their performance, and empower supervisors to discover best practices and provide live coaching.
Build a better customer experience
Flex gives you a bird’s eye view of the millions of conversations that make up your contact center. Now, you can easily find opportunities to improve the experience your contact center provide.
Use blended data to see the complete customer journey
Customer interactions span across channels, platforms, and databases. Flex WFO allows you to import and export data from any source to build a comprehensive view of your customer’s journey from end to end.

WFO features

Get granular, actionable insights into every interaction. Customize dashboards to your exact needs.

    Key features

  • Call Search
  • Call Playback
  • Agent Desktop Analytics
  • Manual Quality Assurance
  • Performance Management
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Customer Journey

    Administrator Desktop

  • Agent Creation
  • Agent Skilling
  • Routing Configuration
  • IVR Editing

    Supervisor Desktop

  • Filtered Agent Groups
  • Monitor, Whisper, Barge
  • Flag for Assistance
  • Internal Chat

    Advanced Speech Analytics

  • Call Transcripts
  • Phrase Spotting
  • Automated Quality Assurance