A unified communications experience

Craft the ideal agent-customer interaction.

Channels: the way they were
Traditionally, agents could only serve one customer, in one channel, and on one screen. This was cumbersome and negatively impacted customer experience.
Channels: the way they should be
Now, Flex lets agents switch from phone call to video chat, all from one UI. Agents can serve customers without being boxed into a channel, or spread across dozens of tabs.

Batteries included

Instant channels with a single click

Every customer-facing channel you need comes ready out of the box.

Flex Marketplace
Instantly add new channels as they come to the Flex Marketplace — an ever-growing application platform for pre-built integrations from expert third parties.

PSTN voice in 100+ countries
VoIP-embeddable in web & mobile apps
Video chat
Web & mobile chat
RCS Business Messaging

Seamless experience

Customer Frame

The power of Flex embedded in an instantly-deployable web interface.

Customer Frame lets your agents manage interactions across web and mobile environments, all from one UI.

Traditionally, businesses had to build separate UIs for customers and agents, connect them, and make sure they stayed upright. Frame eliminates those burdens, delivering both agents and customers a seamless experience across platforms.

Omnichannel’s impact

Omnichannel in action

Customer satisfaction is the goal of every agent-customer interaction. Agents strive to deliver an answer to a question or resolution to a problem seamlessly. Omnichannel lets them do just that.

Flex’s omnichannel experience lets agents follow a conversation wherever it goes, no matter the channel. These blended agents are better equipped to hit your CSAT and SLA targets by facilitating natural, streamlined conversations.

Contextual intelligence for agents
Give your agents a fuller sense of the customer they’re serving. Combine data from customer interactions on Flex with your own historical business data via webhook.
Reaching customer satisfaction faster
Informed agents serve your customers better. Flex gives them access to historical customer data, preferences, and possible sales opportunities, enabling agents to work intelligently and contextually.
Watch your CSAT score soar
This dynamic results in the best customer-agent experience, delivered on one platform. Your customer is taken care of by a single agent, who’s empowered to switch channels without ever losing their connection to the customer.