Twilio Flex / Programmability

A whole new approach to the contact center

Rethink the way a contact center can be used

With Flex’s application platform approach, you can change any feature at any layer of the stack.

Programmable UI

Unlimited programmability

Flex’s micro-component architecture lets you add, remove, and customize anything while maintaining a native feel. Fork select components and ship iterations at your own pace — without facing a 20,000-line merge conflict in Git.

This UI is built for two-way integration. Send and receive data from custom channels and CRM, WFO, and WFM tools to manage any customer interaction using a single interface.

Configure your contact center on a granular level using Flex’s React-based architecture. With code, you can bring your own channel to hook into Flex’s Redux store, extend it, or add:

  • Custom Channels
  • Dashboards
  • Customer journey information
  • Knowledge base
  • Feedback
  • Reporting

Programmable Routing

Control your call routing programmatically

Flex comes equipped with the attribute-based routing you’d expect in a modern application platform.

Use our powerful programmatic interface to modify routes based on skills, steps in the customer journey, and machine-learning logic.

Using TaskRouter, Flex programmatically routes the right call to the right agent based on customer interaction data generated on the platform. Feed TaskRouter contextual information from your own data sources to build custom logic into Flex and optimize your routing — no human oversight required.

Programmable Workflow

Intelligent workflow engine

Every interaction running through Flex invokes a workflow that can be controlled with a simple drag and drop using Studio, Twilio’s visual workflow editor.

Studio’s API endpoints allow you to pipe data from your own custom sources to bring specific, contextual intelligence to your agent — giving them a leg up when talking to a customer.

There’s no ceiling on customization. You can add your own code to Studio’s communication flow using a Node.js-based serverless environment. Your code becomes a widget that anyone can drag, drop, and deploy, giving your team new tools they can use to build.

Programmable Channels

Channels for every customer preference

With a suite of channels baked into the UI, and a growing marketplace of third-party custom integrations, adding a channel to Flex can be as easy as a single click.

Bring your custom channels that power your business processes and back-office tasks. Flex is made for custom integration. Whether it’s building a claim process specific to your insurance business, or integrating CRM, WFO, or WFM tools to a backend, Flex supports any and all comers.