Close the Trust Gap Report

Here's your guide to close the trust gap to unlock business value and to improve customer engagement.

What is your customers’ trust worth, and how can you earn it? 

A new study from Deloitte Digital and Twilio uncovered some surprising discoveries. Consumers on average spend 25% more money on brands they trust, and one in five spends 50% more. In addition, consumers who trust your company are more willing to share their data and more likely to amplify your brand message. 

But how do you know if your customers trust you? This report, based on a survey of 1,000 customers and 500 business leaders, reveals multiple disconnects in how each group sees trust. 

It showed that 79% of B2C leaders believe their customers trust their brand—but only 52% of consumers reported that they actually do. 

Read the report, Close the Trust Gap, to:

  • Understand where consumers and leaders diverge on what makes it easy to do business with a brand.
  • Examine how B2C leaders overestimate performance on four core trust signals. 
  • Learn steps you can take right away to elevate consumer trust and engagement.

Think your company’s different? Even for the brands most trusted by consumers, the study found room—and specific ways—to improve.

Act today to close the trust gap. 

Download the Trust Report

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