Efficient IoT SIM management with Twilio Super SIM


Cellular connectivity for IoT might look simple at first: get a SIM from a carrier, put it into your device together with the right modem, and off you go. Things get complicated fast when your devices need connectivity beyond a single region, and when your fleet grows beyond a few dozen SIMs; so in essence: immediately, for most deployments.

Recent market research surfaced one demand that businesses that are planning or deploying IoT projects have for IoT connectivity platform providers: better automation and bulk configuration.

Join Tobias Goebel, IoT Product Marketing Principal at Twilio, as he gives an overview of the challenges of cellular IoT when working with carriers or traditional resellers, and what builders of connected devices need when it comes to IoT SIMs and SIM management. 

Tobias will then provide an overview of Twilio Super SIM and address how it solves these challenges and offers a better way to manage IoT SIMs, with a focus on several new capabilities recently added to the product. 

Join us for this webinar and learn: 

  • About the importance of efficient IoT SIM management with both Web Consoles and APIs
  • How Super SIM addresses both operational efficiency and maximum cellular IoT uptime across carriers
  • How to start evaluating Twilio Super SIM today 

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Meet the Presenter

Tobias Goebel

Principal Product Marketing Manager

Twilio IoT

​​Tobias Goebel is a technology practitioner and educator with almost 2 decades in business software and product/solution development. After developing, architecting, and selling contact center and customer service technologies in the ‘00s, he moved to defining and evangelizing the potential and business benefits of artificial intelligence concepts and all sorts of emerging communications technologies in the 10’s, such as business messaging, chatbots, embedded voice & video, or multi-modal interfaces. 

As a product marketing principal at Twilio IoT, he now works on defining and evangelizing technology solutions that leverage the potential of connecting the physical world to the Internet.