Emerging Stronger with IoT for Pharmaceutical Drug Trials


Each year, millions of people suffer from some kind of medical condition, from autoimmune diseases like diabetes to viruses like COVID-19. Drug companies race to come up with treatment options, but more than 80% of clinical drug trials for life saving drugs are still being done with pen and paper. Even more frustrating is that COVID-19 has flipped the clinical trial industry on its head with a massive transition to remote clinical trials. Imagine what it would look like if you could apply IoT and automation to clinical drug trials, thus achieving remote clinical trials while speeding up the availability of medications. 

In this webinar, Dylan Swartz, Developer Advocate at Mason will share how they are using their cellular-enabled tablets plus intelligent software to make it easier for pharmaceutical companies to bring life saving drugs (such as the COVID-19 vaccine) to market faster. Product managers and developers who are creating telemedicine and pharmaceutical solutions will leave the webinar feeling more confident in relying on cellular connected hardware solutions for their applications.

What you’ll hear in the webinar: 

  • How can you transform clinical trials with a DevOps methodology and interactive IoT devices?
  • How does Mason use IoT to help pharmaceutical companies conduct clinical drug trials?
  • How does Mason leverage Twilio to rapidly deploy interactive clinical trial devices?

Meet the Presenters

Dylan Swartz

Developer Advocate at Mason

Dylan Swartz is a software engineer and developer advocate with a passion for learning and building things. He enjoys working on products that matter and help people. With a background in infrastructure automation, in 2016, Dylan joined Mason as the founding software engineer to create a new way for companies to deploy products on dedicated hardware. Today, he leads the developer advocacy efforts for Mason.

Elizabeth Grossenbacher

Sr Product Marketing Manager, IoT, Twilio

Elizabeth is a product marketer who gets excited about using IoT for positive impact. She is a Sr Product Marketing Manager for Twilio IoT. Prior to Twilio, Elizabeth launched dozens of products and programs at various high tech organizations, consulted for Fortune 500 companies at Gartner, and served as an IoT subject matter expert for GTM strategy projects. Heavily involved in the IoT space, she can be found speaking at IoT conferences and volunteering with the Wireless Communications Alliance. Elizabeth holds a BA, in Psychology, a BA in Design, and an MBA from UC Davis.

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