Emerging Stronger with IoT and Remote Patient Monitoring


Since the start of the pandemic, seniors and those with a pre-existing medical condition have had to be careful about leaving their homes to avoid contact with the virus. While medical centers became hot spots for the virus, patients and physicians became eager for a technology to achieve safer health management. How can healthcare providers keep these vulnerable groups away from the virus while maintaining effective health management of their conditions? Thankfully, innovators in remote patient monitoring are leveraging cellular IoT to break down this problem.

In this webinar, Co-Founder & Chief Clinical Officer of Gojji, Chris Chan, will share how they used their IoT-powered chronic disease management solution to help providers keep their patients safe during the pandemic. As a result, the adoption of this technology has skyrocketed. This has empowered people with chronic conditions and helps provide the right care, at the right time, for the right person. Product managers, developers, and engineers who are looking to transition their business with IoT will leave the webinar feeling more confident in relying on cellular connectivity for their applications.

What you'll learn:

  • How did Gojji create a chronic disease management solution amidst a pandemic?
  • How does chronic disease management work with cellular IoT?
  • How did Gojji leverage Twilio?
  • How did this pave the way for adoption of remote patient monitoring solutions?

Meet the Presenters

Chris Chan, PharmD

Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer,


Chris Chan is the Co-founder & Chief Clinical Officer of Gojji Inc., a pharmacist-led chronic disease management company. He is also the Chief Pharmacy Officer of RxParadigm, a Pharmacy Benefit Management Company. Chris has more than 17 years of experiences in pharmacy benefit management.  

Dr. Chan started Gojji because he saw a tremendous opportunity in medication safety, medication optimization and chronic disease management. Gojji combines the latest technology, wearable devices, with disease management and comprehensive medication review protocol, helping patients and providers to manage chronic conditions effectively. Prior to Gojji, Dr. Chan served as the Senior Director of Pharmaceutical Services at Inland Empire Health Plan (IEHP) managing over 1.2m Members with over US$700m pharmacy budget. Dr. Chan has special interest in Pharmacy Quality Program to increase quality of care and promote medication optimization and safety.  

Elizabeth Grossenbacher

Sr Product Marketing Manager, IoT, Twilio

Elizabeth is a product marketer who gets excited about using IoT for positive impact. She is a Sr Product Marketing Manager for Twilio IoT. Prior to Twilio, Elizabeth launched dozens of products and programs at various high tech organizations, consulted for Fortune 500 companies at Gartner, and served as an IoT subject matter expert for GTM strategy projects. Heavily involved in the IoT space, she can be found speaking at IoT conferences and volunteering with the Wireless Communications Alliance. Elizabeth holds a BA, in Psychology, a BA in Design, and an MBA from UC Davis.

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