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Twilio Lookup Packages

Use mobile identity information to assess risk and make intelligent decisions

SIM Swap

Protect against SIM swap fraud—when fraudsters hijack your customers’ phone number by gaining control of a SIM linked to their phone number

Key indicators include unconditional call forwarding status and last date and time a SIM was changed for a mobile phone number

In Pilot phase only supporting the four major mobile network operators in the UK

Enhanced Line Type

Protect against VoIP sign-up fraud—when bad actors use disposable phone numbers for fraudulent sign-ups

Key indicators include FixedVoIP and NonFixedVoIP phone number types globally

Live Activity

Improve contact rates and campaign efficiency by ensuring only valid and reachable mobile phone numbers are in your database

Get the live connectivity status, porting, and roaming information of a mobile phone number via live Home Location Register (HLR) query

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