U.S. SMS A2P 10DLC: What You Need to Know

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The U.S. A2P landscape is going through a once in a decade transition. The new era of 10-digit long code messaging promises improved deliverability, increased reliability, and added throughput. At the same time, new brand and registration requirements will reduce the amount of spam and unwanted messages throughout the ecosystem, helping SMS and MMS maintain high engagement. 

In this session, we’ll discuss the regulatory changes and what you need to do to send messages via 10-digit long codes in the United States.

Meet the Presenters

Chris Piwinski

Product Marketing Manager, Twilio

Peter Tan

Product Manager , Twilio

Chris Piwinski is a Product Marketing Manager at Twilio where he works on Programmable Messaging. His focus is on how organizations can drive trust and engagement with their customers through channels like SMS, WhatsApp, and more. Prior to Twilio, Chris spent time in product marketing, sales, and project management at LinkedIn, Headspace, and a payments technology startup.

Peter is a Staff Product Manager at Twilio, specializing in the U.S. A2P messaging landscape. Having been at Twilio for over 7 years, Peter brings a wealth of technical, ecosystem, and customer expertise. Prior to moving onto the Product team, Peter spent over 4 years as a Sales Engineer, helping customers build and scale with Twilio. 

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