Build Lifelong Supporters Through Personalized SMS & Email Communications

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As the end-of-year giving season draws near, nonprofits face increased challenges in engaging new and existing donors: tightened consumer wallets due to the pandemic, thousands of messages competing for supporter attention, and a shift in issues generating donations.

Modernizing your donor’s digital engagement journey can make the difference between a one-time donation and building a life-long supporter.

In this webinar, we’ll share best practices for creating personalized communications that build authentic relationships between your social impact organization and your supporters. You’ll learn how to: 

  • Create an omnichannel approach to inspire action across SMS and email
  • Convert donors with appropriately timed appeals and convenient phone-based payments
  • Build long-term relationships that result in recurring donations

DonorsChoose, the leading nonprofit connecting donors directly to classroom projects, will join Twilio.org to share the insights they’ve learned from building and scaling their digital fundraising journey that has served 1.7 million teacher project requests to date. They’ll share tips for creating personalized email campaigns, testing and iterating on digital strategy, and why they’re now expanding engagement to SMS.

Meet the Presenters

Stephen Burke

Sr. Digital & Growth Marketing Manager, DonorsChoose

Stephen is the Senior Digital & Growth Marketing Manager at DonorsChoose, digital outreach to our community of 600,000 teachers and 4.6 million citizen donors. The proud son and grandson of public school teachers, he previously worked in marketing and development at two other nonprofits, the Project for Public Spaces and the Ocean Exploration Trust.

Jasmine Penny

Email Program Manager, DonorsChoose

Jasmine is the Email Program Manager at DonorsChoose. She is responsible for lifecycle marketing, customer retention, and email campaign strategy, all which serve to empower teachers to advocate for their classroom needs and for individual donors to support them. Prior to this role, Jasmine worked on the customer support side of the business and earned her B.A. in English at the University of New Haven. Her passion for email and comic books rival one another.

Jacob Talbot

Sr. Marketing Manager, Twilio.org

Jacob Talbot is Sr. Marketing Manager at Twilio.org. He loves working with organizations to build creative ways to use communications to drive positive impact. When not peddling software, he’s often found pedaling on the roads and trails in the Bay Area.

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