February 9 @ 10:30am SGT | 1:30pm AEDT

40 min + Live Q&A

As a developer, you are constantly looking for new ways to develop (and deploy) faster. With so many new features being released, it can be hard to keep up. That's why we've created Twilio Releases-a series of exciting quarterly announcements designed to make it easy for you to stay abreast of the latest APIs, features, and best practices across the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform.

Each Twilio Releases bundles the latest features (along with a sneak peek of what's coming!) into a convenient webinar series hosted by product marketing, product managers, and developer evangelists. Sign up for walkthroughs of key new features, previews of upcoming pilot and beta releases (along with tips for getting early access), and deep-dive demos-complete with free, downloadable code samples that help you get started quickly!

Join us on February 9th for Twilio Releases: Q1 2021 edition, where you'll get:

  • A demo of Twilio + Segment in action
  • Sync & Single Party Voice Recording demos via the new Twilio Console
  • A sneak peek into upcoming beta programs from Twilio Product Managers
  • Lots of live demos with free access to code samples from our Developer Evangelists

Meet the Presenters

Sudheendra Chilappagari

Product Evangelist, Segment

Sudhee is a Product Evangelist at Segment. He's a product manager turned marketer, who loves educating customers (developers, marketers and product managers) about the superpowers of Segment. Prior to this, he built and ran a startup in the recruiting software space. You can follow him on Twitter @webaficionado.

Benjamin Blackmer

Sr Product Marketing Manager, Twilio

Ben Blackmer is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Twilio focusing on our enterprise, platform and organization products. He has been helping companies engage with customers for over 15 years, first within digital advertising, then within adtech startups, and most recently at Twilio. Ben earned a B.Music in jazz piano performance, economics, and French from New York University, as well as a M.Arts in French Culture from New York University, and an MBA from the University of Michigan. In the summer, he spends a lot of time in the garden, and in the winter, he is on a weekly curling league with his wife.

Emily Shenfield

Senior Event Demo Engineer, Twilio

Emily Shenfield brings her background in software engineering, teaching, and theater to her role as a Developer Educator focusing on demo development at Twilio, where she's been happy to find a way to combine those varied passions. Outside of work, she enjoys yelling the answers at the TV during Jeopardy and eating cookies.

Jon Davis

Senior Event Demo Engineer, Twilio

Jon is a Senior Event Demo Engineer at Twilio. In his 5+ years at Twilio, he’s built countless demos to inspire customers with new and unique ways to integrate communications into their applications. He works on the live demos that Twilio presents at developer events such as Engage and SIGNAL. In his free time, Jon enjoys building personal projects in Node.JS and listening to movie soundtracks from the 80s.

Amee Covarrubias

Software Engineer Community Fellow, 

Code for America

Twilio Champion

Amee brings her background in social justice advocacy and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) to her role as a Software Engineer Community Fellow at Code for America where she is creating technical solutions to help close the service gap for people experiencing homelessness in Alameda County. Code for America uses the principles and practices of the digital age to improve how our government serves the American public. Amee is a Twilio Champion who is passionate about utilizing Twilio’s power of communications to help our government improve the lives of people at scale. In her free time, Amee enjoys unplugging in nature and playing music around a campfire.

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