Twilio Releases: Q4 2021


Welcome to Twilio’s Quarterly Release Webinar. In this developer webinar, you’ll get up to speed on all of Twilio’s latest product updates and take a behind-the-scenes look at new releases. Whether you’re just getting started with Twilio or are ready to go deep on new features, you’ll learn to build and deploy faster.

In this fast-paced webinar, we’ll cover how you can:

  • Build your first production-ready application in a matter of minutes, using Code Exchange and the Twilio CLI.
  • Connect and engage more strongly with your customers, using new features in Twilio products like SendGrid, Segment, Twilio Live, and Flex.
  • Empower your developers to create robust product experiences with new product updates from Twilio Functions, the Twilio Console, and Paste, a responsive UI/UX framework for React developers.

Meet the Presenters

Jordan Schuetz

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Developer Experience, Twilio

Jordan Schuetz is a Senior Product Marketing Manager of Developer Experience and will be your host for this Quarterly Release Webinar. Jordan has years of Developer Advocacy experience and got into the tech-industry by starting his indie game development business.

Aayush Iyer

Senior Manager, Design Systems, Twilio

Aayush Iyer (they / them) is a Senior Manager at Twilio and founded Paste, Twilio's Design Systems platform. Before founding the team, they led product design for a number of Twilio's products such as Studio and Functions.

Emily Shenfield

Senior Event Demo Engineer, Twilio

Emily Shenfield brings her background in software engineering, teaching, and theater to her role as a Developer Educator focusing on demo development at Twilio, where she's been happy to find a way to combine those varied passions. Outside of work, she enjoys yelling the answers at the TV during Jeopardy and eating cookies.

Doug Roberge

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Twilio Segment

Doug is a senior product marketing manager at Segment. During his time at Segment, Doug has focused on new products related to Segment’s core platform and integrations. Prior to Segment, Doug worked at Forrester Research for over four years where he spent his time analyzing data and producing research reports that evaluated how businesses could more effectively use data and technology to acquire, serve, and retain their customers.

Johanna Weintraub

Staff Product Designer, Console, Twilio

Johanna leads the design of cross-product experiences and information architecture in the Twilio Console. As an early member of Twilio’s product design team, she previously designed a number of products, such as Voice Insights and Programmable Wireless. She is passionate about data-informed design, user research, and information architecture.

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