Applying to migrate your short code to Twilio

Short code provisioning can vary considerably depending primarily on the time that it takes for mobile carriers to review and approve your short code.

Migrating your short code to Twilio from a different provider takes 8 to 12 weeks from the time you make your initial payment to when the short code is live on major carriers, but in some cases can take longer. Even though your short code is already live, each carrier must test your in-market message flow and re-approve the program for use with Twilio.

If you would like to migrate your live short code to Twilio, first complete a short code application. Once you have submitted your application, please take the following additional steps to complete the migration request:

1. Please provide the Twilio short code team ( the receipt for your most recent Neustar/CSCA lease payment.

2. To request that your short code be migrated from your current aggregator to Twilio, please write a letter on company letterhead belonging to the content provider of record with the CSCA, signed and dated by someone at the Director level or above at the company, and sent to Your aggregator migration request letter should follow this format:

To Whom It May Concern:
{Company Name} would like to migrate our short code {######} away from {Current Aggregator Name} over to Twilio. Please complete this request effective {Date of Letter}.

3. If you would like Twilio to manage your short code lease with Neustar/CSCA, please review our short code lease transfer instructions here.

4. Please configure your short code messaging application according to the instructions here. If you are unsure about how to configure your short code during the migration, please contact your account manager and they will arrange a call with our short code specialists.

Please email us at with any questions!