How can I transfer my short code lease into Twilio’s Neustar/CSCA account?

1. Please provide the Twilio Short Code Team ( the lease receipt for your most recent Neustar/CSCA lease payment.

2. Please write a letter on company letterhead belonging to the content provider of record with the CSCA, signed and dated by someone at the Director level or above at the company, and sent to Your CSCA lease transfer request letter should include the following:


Re: Migration of ownership of short code {######}

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to confirm that short code {######} should be in the name of Twilio. Please move short code {######} to Twilio’s CSCA account.


Please note that as the gaining applicant, Twilio will also submit a letter to the same effect.

3. Once your lease transfer is complete, Twilio will re-set your billing date to two weeks before your lease renewal date. Your account will be credited for any overlapping period for which you have already paid, and Twilio will automatically manage your short code lease payments going forward. You may cancel your lease at any time by notifying Twilio.

If you would like to transfer your short code lease away from Twilio at any point in time, please follow the instructions here. Please email us at with any questions!