How does Twilio bill for short codes?

Twilio will charge your short code payment to the primary credit card on file in your account, regardless of your Twilio account balance.

Short codes are billed either quarterly (every three months) or annually. Your first short code payment is due before we submit your application to the carriers for approval. Your second short code payment will be collected two weeks before your lease renewal date, to guarantee that we have successfully received your payment before we renew your short code with the central registry. While this means your second billing date will come sooner than a full payment period (quarter or year) after your first payment, rest assured that you’re still getting all the time you’ve paid for, and subsequent billing dates will fall a full payment period apart thereafter.

Because carrier approval may take 12 – 16 weeks (and sometimes longer), it is possible that your short code may not be fully live before you are billed a second time. You are required to pay for your short code throughout the approval process, even if approval takes longer than expected.

Note: the two week period between your short code billing date with Twilio and your short code’s lease renewal date is not a grace period. If your payments are repeatedly late, your Customer Success Manager will contact you to discuss transitioning to a long code instead.

For an overview of short code pricing, please see here.