What are the requirements for a Spanish-language short code?

When inviting users to sign up to receive messages from your short code in Spanish, any Spanish-language advertisement (“call to action”) and opt-in message flow must be compliant with carrier guidelines. If your short code will send messages in Spanish, then it must return compliant Spanish-language responses for the keywords “AYUDA” and “ALTO.” Compliant Call to Action language and sample messages are provided below.

Short Code Advertisement (also known as a Call to Action, or CTA) Sample Text

The wording of your short code advertisement will vary depending on the sign up method, since it tells users how to opt into a short code campaign. A Spanish-language SMS Keyword Call to Action, for example, should look like this:

Envíe la palabra {Keyword} en un mensaje de texto al ##### para subscribirse a las alertas. Cargos de mensajes y datos pueden aplicar. {Message frequency.} Envíe la palabra AYUDA en un mensaje de texto al ##### para asistencia. Envíe la palabra ALTO en un mensaje de texto al ##### para cancelar.

Para obtener los términos y condiciones de uso: {Terms URL}
Para obtener información sobre seguridad y privacidad: {Privacy URL}

Note: Message frequency can be styled as appropriate: “X msjs/mes” or “X msjs/día”.

Welcome Message Text

End user: {Keyword}
Short code: Bienvenido a {Campaign} {Description} Alertas. Cargos de msjs y datos pueden aplicar. {Message frequency}. Envíe ALTO para cancelar.

HELP Message Text

End user: AYUDA
Short code: {Campaign} {Description} Alertas: Obtenga ayuda de {Source of Help 1} o {Toll-free number}. Cargos de msjs y datos pueden aplicar. {Message frequency}. Envíe ALTO para cancelar.

STOP Message Text

End user: ALTO
Short code: Su subscripción de {Campaign} {Description} Alertas ha sido cancelada. Envíe AYUDA para asistencia, o llame a {Toll-free number}.

For compliance guidelines in English and French (Canadian), click here.

Please note: These guidelines are based on carrier conditions of short code service and other industry standards. Your company is required to comply with these guidelines in the use of any Twilio-provided short code. Each carrier reserves the right to suspend short code service for any user at any time.