What are the requirements for short code HELP and STOP?

Wireless carriers require certain information to be included in HELP and STOP message content for all US short codes. Twilio recommends including that information in the following format for your HELP and STOP messages to be considered compliant if your short code is tested by a carrier. We also recommend the following method for maintaining an opt-out list.

HELP Message

A compliant response is required whenever users text HELP to your short code, regardless of whether the user is subscribed to the program. Example:

End user: HELP or INFO
Short code: {Campaign Name} {Description} Alerts: Help at {source of help #1} or {toll free number}. Msg&data rates may apply. {Message frequency}. Text STOP to cancel.

• The “description” should be a single word to define the kind of alerts, e.g. “Account Alerts,” “News Alerts,” “Promo Alerts,” etc.
• The first “source of help” should be a support email address or a link to your terms of service.
• The message frequency must be specific, but can be any interval, for example: “1 message per day,” “4 messages per month,” “2 messages per transaction,” etc. If the message frequency will vary based on user interaction, “1 message/user request” is standard.

Managing Opt-Out Requests

Unlike on long codes, Twilio does not manage opt-out requests for short codes. This allows the short code application to independently manage subscription lists and requests from end users to re-opt in. When a short code app is created, a database for managing opt-in and opt-out will need to be created for it as well.

STOP Message

Along with maintaining an opt-out list, a compliant response is required whenever users text STOP or the universal keywords STOP, END, CANCEL, UNSUBSCRIBE, and QUIT to your short code, regardless of whether the user was subscribed to the program previously. Example:

Short code: You are unsubscribed from {Campaign Name} {Description} Alerts. No more messages will be sent. Reply HELP for help or {toll free number}.

STOP Filtering

End users may be subscribed to multiple campaigns running off of one short code and may want to unsubscribe from a particular campaign. This is achieved using STOP Filtering. To find out more about how to implement STOP Filtering, please see this FAQ.

For information on long code help and stop replies, please see this article.

Please note: These guidelines are based on carrier conditions of short code service and other industry standards. Your company is required to comply with these guidelines in the use of any Twilio-provided short code. Each carrier reserves the right to suspend short code service for any user at any time.