How can I create a subaccount?

If you have customers of your own, subaccounts can be a great way to group numbers and usage while still maintaining a single billing relationship with Twilio. Each subaccount is essentially its own account, and each has its own unique Account SID and Auth Token.

Subaccounts can only be created via the REST API, and you can learn about how to do this on the Subaccounts API Page.

However, since creating subaccounts is so straight-forward, you may want to do it via the API Explorer.

To use the API Explorer to create your subaccount:

  1. Visit the Create a Subaccount page of the API Explorer
  2. Change the “FriendlyName” to whatever you want your subaccount to be called.
  3. Press “Make Request”

Yup. That’s it. Your subaccount has been created.

So, now that you have a subaccount, you will probably also want to learn where to find your subaccount and how to close your subaccount.