Troubleshoot your Twilio app if it’s not working

If you’re having issues with your application check the Monitor Alerts in your Twilio Account portal to find out more about what is causing problems. The Alerts section will show you an overview of the types of error messages that are being generated from your account, details on the possible causes and solutions for the error as well as a history of how many times you’ve had this error before. The Monitor Alerts timeline also shows you a summary of the errors and the number of errors you’ve seen in the past 30 days.

Clicking on one of the errors will give you more information about that error. You’ll see an overview page for the particular error you clicked on. You can read more information about the error code, see how many times it happened and view the requests that caused the error.

Once you are done browsing through your error messages you can archive old errors so you can focus on only the latest messages. Read our FAQ on archiving old alerts to learn how to do this.

In addition to this, the Monitor section also contains an Events and Triggers section. The triggers tab allows you to set up triggers to receive an email notifications when we see a certain error.