Where are my subaccounts?

In order to view your subaccounts, first login to Twilio.

When you login, you will be in your main account (also called the “master” account) by default. You can switch to your subaccounts by clicking on the down arrow next to your name, at the upper right hand box.

How to find the UI for your Twilio Subaccounts

Clicking on subaccounts will take you to a page where all your subaccounts are listed. Closing a subaccount will make it disappear from this list.

How do I get back to my master account?

When you choose to “View Subaccount”, a header will pop up letting you know the information you are viewing is for that subaccount. To return to your “master” account, you would click on the “Switch to Master” link in the header.

How to go from subaccount to master account

Your subaccounts are also accessible through this link.