Twilio IoT: Micromobility

Twilio delivers global cellular connectivity, data consumption insights, and location information from one platform.

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The Twilio IoT Difference

Connected vehicles are meant to work, not sit and wait.
Twilio simplifies device deployment and management, while speeding up your time to market.

Order Twilio SIMs on-demand straight from the Twilio Console to deploy your modals in over 180 countries with turn-key connectivity and no minimum SIM order requirement.

Just-in-time fulfillment for SIMS
Order Twilio SIM cards and have them in your hands in five business days or less. Bring your vehicles online in an instant with one-click in the Twilio Console, or using an API request. Ship SIMs directly to your manufacturing location and activate them anywhere using an HTTP request.
Track your fleet anywhere
Twilio tracks the location of your vehicle by identifying the last known cell tower location and checking the data from your GPS module on-board. Deploy in new markets with 2G, 3G, and LTE connectivity options and a network of 500+ global carriers.
Manage connectivity and billing from one platform
Don’t waste time negotiating with carriers in every country. Twilio saves you from the headaches of managing agreements, billing, separate user interfaces, and delayed deployment timelines. With Twilio, you have one bill and one set of APIs, all from one platform.
Twilio's API-first approach has helped us ruthlessly optimize our supply chain. We can order SIMs via the API and drop ship them directly to our factory in two business days.
Edwin Tan
Co-Founder and Head of Engineering

Start building with Twilio IoT

Twilio gives you the connectivity you need to bring ideas to life. Connectivity lets one IoT device talk to another. It lets one customer interact with thousands of IoT-powered vehicles. Here are a few ways you can build machine-to-machine applications with Twilio IoT.

Twilio with Seeed IoT
Seeed Studio Wio LTE

The Seeed Studio Wio LTE uses an ARM Cortex-M4 and a Quectel EC21 for global connectivity. For high performance and floating point arithmetic, this DSP powerhouse is for you.

Twilio with Seeed IoT
Arudino MKR GSM 1400

The Arduino MKR GSM 1400 combines the familiarity of Arduino’s ecosystem with global connectivity powered by an onboard u-blox SARA-U201. For a highly energy efficient processor and optimized power consumption, pick the ARM Cortex-M0+.

Twilio with Seeed IoT
Sixfab Raspberry Pi 3G-4G/LTE
 Base Shield V2

The power of a Raspberry Pi meets global connectivity thanks to the Sixfab Raspberry Pi 3G-4G/LTE Base Shield V2. For those that prefer a Linux operating system and hot-swappable modems like Quectel EC25/EC21/EC20, this is for you.

Plans and Pricing

No minimum commitments and access to data in over 180 countries.

We don't have zones or spend requirements to contend with, so you will always be able to deploy vehicles at the very best rates in each country.