What is Call Me

Call Me will try ringing your phone number asking you to press a key to accept the call, and if you don't answer, the call is optionally forwarded to a new URL (or Twimlet). It's just a simplified version of Find Me that only accepts one phone number.

How to Use Call Me

Direct your call flow to this url:


Parameters to Send

The following parameters may/must be sent:

Attribute Name Allowed Values Required?
PhoneNumber Any 10 digit phone number Y
FailUrl Any Url N
Message A URL or a string to play or read to the person who answers the second leg of the phone call. It should tell them to press any key to accept the call. If not provided, a default message will be played. N
Timeout How long, in seconds, should the phone be allowed to ring. N

Example Uses

Example 1

Try to reach me at 415-555-1212.


Example 2

Try to reach me at 415-555-1212, but if I don't answer, forward to a recorded greeting.


Try It Out!

Using our Twimlet Generator, you can build up a Twimlet URL right here: