What is Conference

Conference allows multiple people to chat together in a conference room. You may optionally provide a list of phone numbers who are "moderators," meaning the conference won't start until they join. Without moderators, the conference starts when 2 or more people have joined.

How to Use Conference

Direct your call flow to this url:


Parameters to Send

The following parameters may/must be sent:

Attribute Name Allowed Values Required?
Moderators[0] Any 10 digit phone number N
Moderators[1] Any 10 digit phone number N
Moderators[2] Any 10 digit phone number N
Moderators[3] Any 10 digit phone number N
Moderators[4] Any 10 digit phone number N
Password A numeric string participants must provide to be allowed in the conference. N
Message A URL or a string to play or read to the people before they enter the conference. N
Music Can be one of Twilio's provided genres (rock, soft-rock, ambient, electronica, guitars, classical) or a URL to a TwiML doc providing music, or a URL of a music file. N
Name Any string identifying the conference. Default is to key the conference name off the Moderators and Message settings N

Example Uses

Example 1

An unmoderated conference, with name "Foo"


Example 2

A moderated conference where the conference won't begin until 415-555-1212 or 555-867-5309 call in.


Example 3

A conference with completely rocking hold music.


Example 4

A conference with the kind of password an idiot would have on his luggage!


Try It Out!

Using our Twimlet Generator, you can build up a Twimlet URL right here: