What is Holdmusic

The HoldMusic twimlet reads all the audio files in an Amazon S3 bucket and returns a TwiML document to play them. Any mp3 or wav file in that directory will be added to the playlist. The playlist will loop, and optionally can play or say a message between each song.

How to Use HoldMusic

Direct your call flow to this url:


Parameters to Send

The following parameters may/must be sent:

Attribute Name Allowed Values Required?
Bucket The public Amazon S3 bucket to read the music files from. Y
Message A URL of a file to play, or text to say, between songs. N

Example Uses

Example 1

Build a hold music playlist from an S3 bucket.


Example 2

Use your own hold music in a Conference

Please Note: when adding URLs to TwiML or any other XML document, you must change the '&' character into '&amp;'

Try It Out!

Using our Twimlet Generator, you can build up a Twimlet URL right here:

Hold Music Collections

We've created some hold music buckets for you to use right away! Each of the buckets below contain a set of Creative Commons licensed music for you to use right away.