What is Holdmusic

The HoldMusic twimlet reads all the audio files in an Amazon S3 bucket and returns a TwiML document to play them. Any mp3 or wav file in that directory will be added to the playlist. The playlist will loop, and optionally can play or say a message between each song.

How to Use HoldMusic

Direct your call flow to this url:


Parameters to Send

The following parameters may/must be sent:

Attribute Name Allowed Values Required?
Bucket The public Amazon S3 bucket to read the music files from. Y
Message A URL of a file to play, or text to say, between songs. N

Example Uses

Example 1

Build a hold music playlist from an S3 bucket.


Example 2

Use your own hold music in a Conference

Please Note: when adding URLs to TwiML or any other XML document, you must change the '&' character into '&amp;'

Try It Out!

Using our Twimlet Generator, you can build up a Twimlet URL right here:

Hold Music Collections

We've created some hold music buckets for you to use right away! Each of the buckets below contain a set of Creative Commons licensed music for you to use right away.

Open Source

Twimlets are open sourced, you are free to download, modify and run the code on your own server. View the Source.

Note: Uses the Open Source Twilio PHP library available on GitHub.