What is Simple Message

Simple Message will just play one or more greetings to the caller. Any combination of audio files to <Play> or text blocks to <Say> are allowed.

How to Use Simple Message

Direct your call flow to this url:


Parameters to Send

The following parameters may/must be sent:

Attribute Name Allowed Values Required?
Message[0] The URL of a media file to <Play>, or a string to <Say> Y
Message[1] The URL of a media file to <Play>, or a string to <Say> N
Message[n] The URL of a media file to <Play>, or a string to <Say> N

Example Uses

Example 1

Play a greeting, and then say some text:


Example 2

Play two greetings, then say two text blurbs:


Try It Out!

Using our Twimlet Generator, you can build up a Twimlet URL right here:

Open Source

Twimlets are open sourced, you are free to download, modify and run the code on your own server. View the Source.

Note: Uses the Open Source Twilio PHP library available on GitHub.