Financial Technologies Protected With 2FA Integration

Easy-to-implement APIs help fintech developers create innovative security solutions faster.

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Financial Technologies Protected With 2FA Integration

Twilio’s three styles of two-factor authentication work together to deliver a comprehensive security solution for financial applications. OneTouch is our newest, easiest, and most secure option allowing a user to prove their second factor just by pressing an ‘approve’ button on a device. According to Gartner, this style of solution is exactly what fintech organizations should start with.

Watch Twilio’s Lead Solutions Architect of Authentication, Dan Killmer, live-code Twilio 2FA OneTouch, and see how easy it is to implement.

Short on time? Here are the top takeaways:

  • No special security communication or mobile development skills are required to add two-factor authentication to your project. All you’ll need are a few lines of code.
  • The Twilio 2FA REST API takes care of important details like key management, secure data structuring, and intelligent SMS routing. Mobile client components, like push notifications and mobile device support, including user self-service around phone number changes and device changes, are built in.
  • Twilio 2FA requires only three pieces of information in order to register your users and create a Twilio ID: email address, phone number, and country code.