Google’s Steven Soneff On Invisible Verification

Twilio Verification SDK for Android combines the best from Google and Twilio to deliver a superior global phone verification solution for mobile apps.

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Google’s Steven Soneff On Invisible Verification

When signing up users to your mobile app, you'll attract bonafide users who really want to participate in your community, or buy your products, or share their content. Unfortunately, You are also bound to sign up some bad actors, people who are hell-bent on messing up your app at the expense of the rest of the community. If it happens to Facebook, who have over 15 million bad actors, it will happen to you as well. Credit card fraud, user harassment, and other harmful behaviors can negatively impact your business bottom line and your reputation.

The Twilio Verification SDK for Android can help you effectively weed out bad actors through secure verification of phone numbers of all your users. Watch the video below, a presentation from SIGNAL 2017, our annual developer conference, to learn more about the security and simplicity of Twilio phone number verification.

Key Takeaways

This 30-minute presentation details how Twilio Verification SDK for Android, coupled with Google SMS Retriever, delivers optimal UX without permissions, provides global coverage, and keeps your data secure and private. Here are a few highlights:

  • The Twilio Verification SDK takes only one sprint to complete integration, and with absolutely no security tradeoffs saw a 9% increase in sign-up completion rates.
  • Twilio’s pre-packaged phone verification is available to developers in a simple, lightweight 29KB SDK. Twilio Head of Engineering, Serge Kruppa, runs through a step-by-step.
  • The Google SMS Retriever which automatically reads SMS messages and validates phone number access, simplifies end-user UX. Google’s Product Manager of Identity, Steven Soneff, is on hand to discuss.
  • Integrating the Twilio Verification SDK into Android applications is so easy that even a non-Android developer can use it, as demonstrated in a live coding presentation by Twilio senior engineer Johanna Mantilla.