[Infographic] Is the Internet Getting Safer?

Turns out, it’s not getting any safer. The numbers don’t lie, and the threats your business and your users face are changing faster than ever.

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[Infographic] Is the Internet Getting Safer?

Data breaches are rising at an alarming rate and when personal data is lost, the recommendation is for users to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) on accounts. Wouldn’t it be better to provide the strongest account security from the outset? A study by npm and Twilio found consumers are increasingly demanding strong 2FA, meaning you’re on the hook for implementing better security, or risk turning off current customers and losing out on new ones.

By looking at application security trends among developers and users, we uncovered the answers to some eye-opening questions, including:

  • What is the growth in 2FA usage among end-users?
  • How many passwords does the average person have?
  • Are developers downloading security packages, or building their own solutions?

It's all in the infographic shown below. If you found this as useful as we did, take a moment to share it with your personal network.


While breaches are still common, there are new tools to help you protect users from signup to recovery. Not quite sure where to start? Download our FREE account security best practices guide.

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