Strong Security In The Cryptocurrency Space

A frictionless fintech security experience offering more than a one-time password.

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Strong Security In The Cryptocurrency Space

Twilio has played a big part in delivering secure five nines availability and strong two-factor authentication for companies like Coinbase, Uphold, Bitwage, BitGo and many others in the cryptocurrency space for years. Our solution is much more than one-time password token generation. It offers easy integration into applications and delivers a frictionless user experience, even for edge cases and recovery scenarios, using a highly secure architecture. But Twilio 2FA also offers a better user experience for any site protected by Google Authenticator-compatible solutions.

Dan Killmer, Twilio’s Lead Solutions Architect, Authentication, demonstrates 2FA API OneTouch in the following clip.

Short on time? Here are the top takeaways:

  • These are the 4 main consumer-friendly 2FA methods, from highest to lowest security: Push technology, the most secure and user friendly; Software/Hardware Token generation; SMS, which has security limitations but provides a higher degree of protection than a password alone; and Voice, which is considered a fallback for users who can’t receive SMS or may have sight impairment.
  • Push technology provides better security because it is actually a digitally signed, bi-directional communication between the user's device and the service that's authenticating the user. This leaves no opportunity for man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • As part of the Twilio Account Security offering, you can leave the security testing, loading, scalability, monitoring, and end-user two-factor authentication support all to us.