4 Top Benefits of Call Tracking

An in-depth look at why businesses employ call tracking and how tracking incoming calls helps businesses improve marketing effectiveness & customer experiences.

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4 Top Benefits of Call Tracking

The phone rings. A great conversation is had with your customer and, perhaps, a sale is made. As a business owner, sales manager, or a marketer, wouldn’t it be nice to know what prompted the call and what transpired? Call tracking allows you to dig into exactly that type of information. This advanced form of lead tracking helps businesses measure marketing effectiveness, drive more transactions, and ensure better user experiences with customers worldwide.

What Is Call Tracking?

In its basic form, call tracking gives you the ability to track phone leads by giving unique phone numbers to every marketing campaign you run, from online and print advertisements and targeted landing pages, to pay-per-click campaigns and SEO keywords. With this form of lead tracking, marketers know exactly which campaigns are making the phones ring and which are not.

With the growing consumer addiction to mobile browsing, call tracking is quickly becoming an integral part of a modern marketer’s arsenal. Let’s explore four reasons why implementing phone number-driven lead tracking is becoming a staple for any business with an online presence, and focus on the benefits that rise to the top.

Why Use Call Tracking?

1. Proven Lead Conversion:

Phone calls have 30-50% conversion rates, compared to only 1-2% for clicks.* Inbound leads are often the last step in the buyer’s journey. Before the use of call tracking, marketers were unable to pinpoint the exact source of a call. Lead tracking was limited to ad links and web forms, and once sales picked up the phone, it was highly unlikely that the source of the call would be revealed or documented. But with phone tracking, that’s simply no longer the case. By adding a unique phone number to an ad or your website, you can now track the source of the call to the specific campaign. With call tracking metrics, you can not only demonstrate where the lead came from but you can illustrate your marketing contribution when the sale is made.

2. Enhances Organic and Paid Search:

61% of mobile searchers say click-to-call is most valuable when it’s time to make a purchase.* If you have spent time, money, and energy creating your Search Engine Marketing programs, you want to make sure those investments are paying off. While a simple link to your website might do the trick, employing call tracking will give you the advantage you need to turn that audience into a sale. By dynamically serving a different phone number for each ad group, there is no guesswork involved: you will know the precise Google AdWord group or keyword string which inspired your customer to call. With this knowledge, you can produce better ROI by refining your messaging and your ad buys based on real-time marketing metrics.

3. Improved Customer Experience:

Consumers searching on smartphones prefer to call a business rather than fill out a web form.* Your customers are turning to their phones to interact with your business. By giving them a phone number to click when they are ready to buy, you have already improved the customer experience. But with lead tracking employed, not only will you know the ad that prompted the call, but you will also learn the caller’s intent, what’s been said, and if the sale was made. Understanding customer interactions in real-time, allows you to adapt and optimize the customer experience to ensure your marketing messages are well received. By capturing customer information on-the-fly, you get the added benefit of being able to dynamically share this insight with your sales or customer service representatives. Knowing what your customer is interested in – and at what point they are at in the buyer’s in the journey – your representatives can offer a more informed and engaged conversation when your customers call.

4. Integrated Marketing Experience:

70% of phone calls come from digital marketing channels.* The advent of digital marketing programs have made it easy to attribute leads generated from web forms and advertising links, and to track the customer experience. Since this kind of lead tracking has dramatically changed the marketing dynamic from a lead perspective, why not include phone tracking to the mix? Adding a phone number to your marketing programs gives you the opportunity to provide your customers with the means to connect however and whenever they like. And your call tracking number automatically tracks which campaign and channel they are calling from. By analyzing this this information you can make smarter, more profitable marketing investments.

Call Tracking In Action

To help bring these benefits to light, let’s take a look at three compelling customer experiences to showcase how phone tracking has helped them grow both their customer base and their bottom line.

Transforming Lead Generation with Call Tracking:

StorEDGE increases conversion rate for phone based leads by 95% storEDGE maximizes marketing ROI for clients in the self storage industry. They created a robust set of innovative call tracking tools for storage facilities to ensure that web page leads convert to phone calls, and phone calls convert to revenue-generating reservations. Their cloud-based solution provides all customer-related account data, including payment and collections status, before a customer call is answered. When the call is completed, storEDGE logs call recordings directly within the tenant’s file. With access to the hard data needed to maximize conversions, storEDGE clients find that 95% of all leads are phone calls coming from the storEDGE powered website, easily justifying their client’s marketing spend.

Optimizing the Sales and Customer Service Experience:

eLocal increases revenue by 45% and creates the ultimate call center eLocal serves as an online directory to help consumers easily find businesses and services on the web. They learned early on that online ads, search engine marketing, and web-based forms brought in plenty of active buyers. But as conversions from these channels began to taper off, eLocal changed course and turned to the phone to identify and further qualify leads. With a revenue growth of 45%, eLocal increased their staff by 400% and expanded their call center by 200% to meet the demand.

Call Tracking Enhances Marketing Portfolio:

Scorpion adds about 3,500 phone numbers to meet demand Scorpion, a full-service internet marketing agency, helps healthcare, legal, home services, and franchise clients grow their business. They provide a full set of marketing services from website design to online marketing campaigns that are tailored to each customer’s needs. To support each customer’s unique needs, they built a custom call tracking solution that precisely tracks incoming sales leads from a variety of sources and channels. With this level of detail, Scorpion helps clients track and optimize their marketing campaigns. Scorpion has dramatically increased their client base by scaling-up their platforms to meet customer demand and handling larger call volumes. This has resulted in nearly 3,500 new phone lines added per month to support demand.

Build the Ultimate Call Tracking Solution With the Cloud

Integrating call tracking requires specialized software to send, deliver, interpret, and track those calls. That’s why many businesses, like the ones illustrated above, choose to build their call tracking solution with cloud-based software. In doing so, businesses using the cloud gain the flexibility, scalability and, more importantly, the ability to create a customized call tracking service with their objectives in mind.

Here are a few other considerations you might want to think about as you evaluate software providers to support your call tracking initiatives:

  • Deep Phone Number Inventory: Choose a reputable provider that has established relationships with worldwide telecom providers. Make sure you can access a large phone number inventory so you have plenty of global area codes and numbers to choose from. Be certain that your provider’s phone numbers are rigorously tested to eliminate unwanted calls and spam, so you can provide a quality experience for your customers.
  • Custom Reporting and Analytics: Look for a cloud provider who can store your call data in real-time so you can effectively track, measure, and analyze what’s working and what isn’t. Find a robust Cloud Communication provider that will give you the best opportunities to analyze marketing metrics and extract meaningful insights from your calls.
  • Omni-channel Experience: Ask your provider if they offer additional communication apps such as voice, lead routing, and text messaging to enhance your call center or customer communication experience. If marketing is your focus, you might want to employ web chat, Facebook Messenger, and SMS Marketing campaigns with the same cloud technology solution. This will help you create a marketing ecosystem that can easily adapt to the full path of customer journey, not just track their calls.
  • Integration Simplicity: Look for a global SMS platform with programmable APIs that can be customized to meet your unique business requirements. APIs make it easier to develop your call tracking application within your overall communication platform or CRM. And you can use them to tailor campaigns for each customer by optimizing workflows and web interactions dynamically. Ask if your developers can try the provider’s APIs before you buy their service.

The Definitive Cloud Communication Platform

If you are considering leveraging the cloud for your call tracking solution, you’ll appreciate that Twilio’s cloud-based communication platform includes a comprehensive suite of developer-friendly APIs, a superior global carrier network, and a robust suite of voice and messaging applications. With Twilio, you can build an expert call tracking solution for your specific business needs.

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