Convert More Leads Using Context

Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications - Part 5: Add context to your conversations with APIs to improve customer experience and increase conversion.

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Convert More Leads Using Context

This is the fifth article in the seven-part series: Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications

Perhaps your online directory already enables professionals to connect with leads on the spot. How likely do you think a professional is to call that lead back if they have no idea who they are, what they're looking for and whether or not they've interacted in the past. What if all they see is a number on their screen?

What's more than likely to happen without any context into the conversation is that the professional will not respond to the text or pick up the phone if it's coming from an unknown number.

Twilio can enhance the communication experience within your app or web interface by providing context with platform-specific SDKs for Javascript, iOS and Android. These SDKs support Voice, Video, and IP messaging.

When the listing professional has more knowledge about a client, the conversation is more likely to convert into a business opportunity.

Know who’s calling with context-enhanced caller ID

According to Zillow, even the best real estate agent may not answer the phone if they don’t know who is calling. When an incoming call includes past interactions and information about the service a client is requesting, professionals are 3 times more likely to answer that call.

Customers can add contextual information in their caller ID using the Twilio Add-ons from reliable data sources like Whitepages Pro and Next Caller. Using this context in the conversation leads to a better customer experience and a higher conversion rate.

Using this context in the conversation leads to a better customer experience and a higher conversion rate.

Prioritize the right customer with context-enhanced call log

The Twilio SDK can also enhance a professional's call log with information about the caller and the service they require. This way, professionals can assess the opportunity cost of each call and prioritize based on importance and urgency.

As a result, they’re more likely to call potential clients back. This not only brings more business to the professional but builds a better reputation for the directory.

Personalize support with context-driven call routing

Another area where context can come in handy is when routing calls. A good example of a customer who uses context-driven call routing is Apartment List.

Everyday, the company manages a herculean number of inquiries from apartment-hunters with personalized care. However, operating at this scale wasn’t an easy journey, especially with a slow off-the-shelf CRM.

This is why they designed their own customized queue logic and set up intelligent call routing flows. With the new routing logic Apartment List was able to classify the caller need and assign them to the right agent. Minimizing wait times and maximizing efficiency, the online directory has drastically increased call volume and improved customer satisfaction. LeadGenEngine slide17

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