Call Tracking Best Practice Guide

Discover how Call Tracking is helping marketers increase performance, fine tune advertising programs, and improve customer communications.

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Call Tracking Best Practice Guide

Over a century ago, retail giant and marketing pioneer John Wanamaker lamented “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don’t know which half.” With the advent of call tracking, today’s modern marketers know exactly which ad campaigns are working and which ones are not – and can calculate ROI to the penny. Call tracking, similar to lead tracking, lets you create and track a different telephone number for every promotion you run, so that you can pinpoint the exact source of each and every incoming call. With this knowledge, you can stop wasting money on campaigns that don’t work and focus on your top performing programs.

Marketers build call tracking solutions to measure performance across their entire marketing ecosystem: from print ads and direct mail to digital channels like Google AdWords, Facebook ads, and even a company website. If Wanamaker were alive today he’d be able to employ call tracking and know if the phones were ringing because of a print ad in the Sunday paper or a targeted video shared on YouTube.

Did you know that 69% of digital media engagement happens on mobile? With the rapid rise in smartphone usage, it makes sense to give your customers a phone number to call rather than a link to a landing page or a website. Think about it: for your mobile customers on-the-go, why make them pause and fill out a web form or respond to an email? Instead, let them call you while you track their activity! The stats back that up: pay-per-click phone leads are three times more likely to convert than an ad without a phone number, and inbound phone calls generate 5-10 times more revenue than web leads. Here are a few more reasons to employ call tracking, plus tips on how to ensure call tracking success.

Why Implement Call Tracking?

  • Proving ROI: When allocating your advertising dollars, you’ll want to be sure that you’re getting the most return on your investment, and you’ll want proof of your success. Call tracking allows you to attribute your leads and phone calls to the specific marketing spend. This knowledge supports smarter advertising decisions, guides investment towards the campaigns that work, and helps you better demonstrate marketing's contribution to your company’s bottom line.
  • Understanding what works: Not only does lead tracking inform you which campaigns perform best, it also gives you access to a real-time view into the entire customer experience. This is the kind of information marketers crave: caller demographics, caller intent, caller interaction, and detailed sales conversations. Such data-driven knowledge offers a more holistic view of the entire buyer’s journey, allowing you to refine your marketing spend and guide your customer interactions.
  • Optimizing marketing campaigns: While there is no silver bullet when it comes to connecting with your customers, experts agree that lead tracking is most successful when approached as part of an integrated, omni-channel marketing program. There may be times when a compelling Facebook ad does the trick. Or perhaps one of your promotional emails may inspire prospects to take action. Whatever the channel, be sure to include a unique and trackable click-to-call phone number in case your customer is ready to make that purchase – or continue the conversation – over the phone.

The ROI of Call Tracking

While call tracking is being implemented across the enterprise in contact centers, sales department, and marketing operations, it comes as no surprise that online marketplaces and marketing automation companies are reliant on call tracking software to support their bottom line goals. This form of lead tracking is producing phenomenal results for these businesses.

Trulia: Instantly connects real estate agents to leads. Delivers 100x higher conversion rate. Trulia, part of the Zillow Group, provides home buyers and sellers with tools and information to properly evaluate real estate. One of these tools is a click-to-call and call tracking solution that connects prospective home buyers with real estate agents to get questions answered in real time. Trulia’s call tracking solution automatically gives each agent a unique number, on the fly. When these numbers are dialed, Trulia instantly routes the incoming call directly to the agent’s main line and measures the number of calls that come in. They can then deliver a report of the qualified leads directly to the agent. Results: 60% of all of the leads provided to agents are attributed to their call tracking solution. When the calls are made, they produce a 100x higher conversion rate than standard clicks.

Carwow: 1 out of 4 purchases are made after phone call to car dealership. Carwow puts buyers in the driver seat with their unique online car marketplace. Buyers enter detailed specs on the car they want to purchase into the Carwow website and are presented with offers from multiple dealers. Each buyer is given a unique phone number masking their personal number. This anonymity gives the buyer a hassle-free car shopping experience and allows Carwow the ability to track each call made. Since dealers pay Carwow to sell their cars via the platform, tracking leads to individual phone numbers is critical. Results: 1 out of 4 callers purchase a car. That’s a 25% conversion rate.

Balihoo: Phone calls outperform clicks by 5X for cloud-based marketing platform. Balihoo, a marketing automation company, optimizes ad campaigns of some of the nation’s largest brands by dynamically placing local phone numbers in display ads and keyword searches. Balihoo customers create targeted, localized websites that utilize unique call tracking numbers and lead forms to automatically push both phone and web leads to sales agents. By enabling national brands to dynamically serve up local phone numbers, customers feel like they are talking to a neighborhood business, not one across the country or in another continent. Results: Balihoo customers are enjoying a higher conversion rate with their call tracking solution. In fact, phone calls convert five times more than clicks and drive higher revenue.

CallTrackingMetrics: 21K businesses and ad agencies track ROI with call tracking. CallTrackingMetrics, a cloud-based marketing company, helps advertising agencies and businesses track which sources are most likely to convert. Their call tracking software helps businesses optimize for ROI by providing keyword-level attribution and mobile click-to-call tracking. This allows businesses to tie revenue back to specific marketing campaigns by identifying who is calling from their website, clicking on digital ads, or using other advertising channels. CallTrackingMetrics, in turn, provides all of the core call center metrics their customers need: call duration, call talk time, hold time, and ring time. Results: Since implementing their lead tracking, their business has grown by more than 450% while supporting more than 21,000 businesses with real world customer metrics they can use.

Flexibility, scale, and a deep phone number inventory were the essential ingredients for the success of these businesses: for that, they chose to build their call tracking solution in the cloud.

Call Tracking Made Easy With The Cloud

Whether you use call tracking as a customer service enhancement, a marketing tool, or an integral part of your online marketplace, integrating it requires specialized software to send, deliver, interpret, and track those calls. Consider the following features and benefits when customizing your cloud-based call tracking solution:

  • Global Reach. Local Feel. When your customer calls, quality matters. That begins and ends with your carrier network. A reputable cloud provider will have established relationships with worldwide telecom providers. That means access to a large, spam-free phone number inventory to adapt and respond to your real-time call tracking requirements – on both the local and global level.
  • Custom Reporting and Analytics. Cloud communication APIs will give you a better way to analyze marketing metrics and extract meaningful insights from your calls. Look for a cloud provider who can store your call data in real-time so you can capture the data you need to effectively track, measure, and analyze what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Omni-channel Experience: For mobile-first consumers, many cloud communication providers offer much more than call tracking. With the right cloud provider, you can access a robust set of communication apps such as SMS, voice, web chat, and even Facebook Messenger so you can seamlessly build an integrated marketing ecosystem that can adapt to the entire customer journey, not just track their calls.
  • Integration Simplicity: The best thing about cloud solutions is that they offer APIs to make it easier to develop your call tracking application within your overall communication platform or CRM. Look for a global platform with SMS APIs that can be customized to meet your unique business requirements. In this way, you can tailor your campaigns for each customer by optimizing workflows and web interactions dynamically.

The Definitive Cloud Communication Platform

As you look to the cloud for your call tracking solution, consider the benefits of working with Twilio’s cloud-based communication platform. Our intelligent cloud software includes a comprehensive suite of developer-friendly APIs, a superior global carrier network, and a robust suite of voice and messaging applications.

With Twilio, you can you can build an expert call tracking solution for your specific business needs. Choose from a deep inventory of local phone numbers, track millions of keywords with lead attribution, and convert leads while they’re hot by using our call forwarding and dynamic routing features. Our platform will empower you to optimize the customer journey and deliver accurate, detailed reports in the format you need. Best of all, adding new user features is easy: your customer's experience can be progressively upgraded without the need to invest in more developers, purchase new software, or replace old hardware.

Ready to see how Twilio can help make your call tracking efforts successful?Talk to us or learn more with the recommended resources below: