Call Tracking For Marketing Agencies

Scorpion shares how building a custom call tracking solution has allowed them to help hundreds of clients increase leads and grow their business.

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Call Tracking For Marketing Agencies

When it comes to ROI, your online game is strong. But what happens when people decide to call the number on your ads? Can you track those offline leads? And if you can, do you know as much about them as you know about your web leads?

As one of the country’s leading marketing agencies, Scorpion is able to provide the same level of visibility into their call campaigns as they do into their digital campaigns. They're bringing leads through the door using a custom call tracking solution built on Twilio.

In this interview, VP of Product Grace Miller is joined by Chris Jenkins, Director of Advertising Systems. They share how they're helping hundreds of clients increase leads and grow their business.

Creating A Doorway To Your Business

Scorpion is a marketing agency that creates an online presence for clients primarily in the legal and healthcare industries. Unlike retail, where you can get a pretty good understanding of your leads just by attaching cookies to their clicks, in these verticals the last transaction, i.e. scheduling a consultation or making an appointment, typically takes place over the phone.

This is why the ability to track, measure and optimize calls like clicks is critically important to Scorpion's business. By attributing a phone number to every keyword, they’re able customize campaigns for hundreds of clients. Knowing is who’s calling and what triggered the call, Scorpion can give their clients a complete picture of their target persona and increase the number of leads they provide them.

The Challenge: Outages

There are two ways to track calls, you can buy an off-the-shelf solution or build your own. Initially, Scorpion started with call tracking SaaS. They were able to count the number of calls from different ad sources or forward the calls to a destination point. This level of information was fine in the beginning, however it did not give them a competitive advantage over other marketing agencies who were using the same provider.

What’s more is that every time Scorpion had to change the way a call was handled, they had to go through their sales team who in turn informed their product team. They then had to negotiate a price for customization with their call tracking provider and wait for the changes to be applied. This process often took weeks — an unreasonably long time frame in the digital world.

And when they began to experience six or seven outages in the workday and lost all visibility into the traffic coming in from those calls, they started to evaluate new options. They needed something that was quick and could easily integrate with their systems.

The Solution: APIs

APIs gave Scorpion the ability to achieve granularity at scale for their clients.

Initially, their previous call tracking software prohibited how many numbers they could assign. With APIs, they can pool four to five times the amount of numbers per client and are able pinpoint the exact traffic source that’s driving the best quality leads.

They now have 70 thousand numbers and they're well into a million minutes a month with no impact on scale. Building their own call tracking solution has helped Scorpion create an unlimited number of buckets to identify each particular campaign.

Miller and Jenkins spoke at SIGNAL 2017 on the Future of Lead Tracking and Analytics:

Switching on the Lights with Twilio

After having been with Twilio for a couple years, there have been a lot of things that Scorpion didn't initially consider they could do with call tracking. One of the big things was just price and reliability. That was key for Scorpion. Being able to do whatever they wanted with the call was kind of an extra fun little thing that they learned about along the way. Call Tracking Building Blocks

Using Twilio building blocks, they were able to extend beyond call tracking to create a custom experience for each client. Scorpion built a routing system using Twilio TaskRouter that could be customized to an individual client’s needs.

Scorpion is continuously looking for ways to innovate and drive success for their clients. Twilio enables them to do so quickly and at scale, like integrating Twilio SMS into their workflow to notify clients about real-time campaign performance and incoming leads and creating routing using Twilio TaskRouter that's customized to an individual client’s needs. Recently, Scorpion migrated their contact center to Twilio Flex and integrated their custom-built CRM with the programmable contact center platform to simplify repetitive tasks for their agents.

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