Why Choosing the Right Communication Channel Matters

Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications - Part 6: A typical person uses some form of messaging 6 times per hour on average. Does your business?

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Why Choosing the Right Communication Channel Matters

This is the sixth article in the seven-part series: Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications

Given the complexities that may arise when buying a home or car, enlisting professional services or executing long-term projects, online directories have to consider additional communication friction that can occur between professionals and their clients.

Though the majority of people prefer to call the professional when they're looking for a service, the way the rest of the conversation evolves can change throughout the buying cycle. Once the two parties validate mutual fit, texting can be a hassle-free way to follow up.

However, it won't really work if you're trying to solve a complicated problem like installing plumbing for instance. In this case, real-time communications like video and in-app chat can come in handy.

Adding building blocks to your online directory reduces this friction by enabling professionals to communicate with leads at the right time and via the right channel.

Follow up with two-way messaging

A typical person uses some form of messaging 6 times per hour on average, because it's an efficient and convenient way to engage in conversation. It neither has the urgency of a phone call nor the optionality of email, making it a highly preferable channel across a wide range of demographics.

This is why Trulia enabled two-way messaging on its directory as a way for real estate professionals to reach out to new leads and follow up with existing clients. Whenever an agent receives a text message, they are able to respond back using using their Twilio phone number, assigned specifically to them by Trulia.

Not only are agents able to follow up with leads more conveniently, they are also able to reach a demographic that's not as easily accessible via phone or email, expanding their overall pool of leads.

Simplify complex problems with in-app video communications

Though great for following up and engaging with different demographics, messaging is not always the best way to reduce communication friction. What if you have to get your house painted or your plumbing fixed? There would simply be too many back and forths with messaging and you might not be able to describe the situation fully over the phone.

Let's take a look at how Porch, a directory which connects homeowners with home improvement professionals, handled such scenarios.

When some users were finding it difficult to describe a complex home improvement project to a professional over the phone or with a message they were becoming increasingly dissatisfied. This resulted in high churn for Porch.

To overcome this problem and retain users, Porch integrated video and chat capabilities into its mobile app. With the ability to communicate in real-time, homeowners were able to ask for advice and discuss new projects with professionals without having to close the app. LeadGenEngine Slide20 new

Removing additional communication friction allowed professionals to reduce the number of in-house visits, leaving more time on their hands to search for new leads and business opportunities.