Fine Tune Online Directory Growth Using Add-Ons

Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications - Part 7: Capture important information both online and by offline to improve online performance.

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Fine Tune Online Directory Growth Using Add-Ons

This is the last article in the seven-part series: Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications

You can capture important information by adding multiple API building blocks to your directory. But using multiple APIs can be difficult to integrate and require trial and error to find the providers that work the best together. The Twilio Marketplace provides pre-integrated partner technologies that install with a few clicks. This allows you to do more with less code.

Here are a few ideas how communication insights can:

Send better leads by detecting spam and fraud calls

No one likes to deal with spam and telemarketing calls. When customers are paying for calls to be routed to them it can be infuriating to receive a telemarketing call when a quality lead is expected. Robo-dialers ignore regulations and often send multiple spam calls to the same client.

Digital marketing agency Scorpion saw a 20 percent increase in their spam calls during election season. They implemented Twilio Spam Detection Add-ons to know which calls are good to send through and which should be blocked.

Improve online performance with keyword recognition

A wealth of information is missed by not recording calls between professionals and leads. When calls are recorded, Twilio Add-ons provide automatic recording transcriptions that use machine learning to surface relevant keywords and topics.

Discovering what's said with keyword and topic extraction helps your directory garner greater knowledge about your business. Using these conversations, you can optimize web content and fine tune your online ad strategy to generate more demand.

Analyzing voice transcriptions can also help you determine areas where supply is scarce and direct professionals from nearby towns to that location. To overcome the problem of locals seeking local services, you can assign professionals a phone number with that area code, so that they'll be able to connect with leads even if they're not a local.

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