Three Ways Call Tracking Creates Business Value for Online Directories

Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications - Part 2: 70% of people call the number listed on the search result. How do you keep the conversation online?

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Three Ways Call Tracking Creates Business Value for Online Directories

This is the second article in the seven-part series: Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications

Human interaction is critical for a user to decide if they want to enlist the services of a professional. In fact, 70 percent of mobile searchers report calling the number directly from the search results to talk to a business.

Every call that doesn’t get picked up can therefore, translate into revenue loss. And there’s no way for your online directory to track this when professionals take the conversation offline by listing their direct phone number.

Call tracking lets you assign a unique phone number to every ad or listing, professionals can track the business volume you bring and see the value of their investment. With call-tracking you can:

  • Justify the cost of a subscription
  • Generate performance reports
  • Attach a dollar amount to value you create

Justify the cost of a subscription

Avvo is one of the biggest legal online directories in the U.S. They simplify the task of choosing a lawyer by listing legal professionals' profiles from around the world with ratings, reviews, testimonials, and contact information. LeadGenEngine slide6

To justify the cost of a premium listing, Avvo needed a way to show legal professionals quantitative data about how many calls their website listings were generating. While listing direct phone numbers gave consumers a way to reach the lawyers, Avvo had no way to track the calls passed through those numbers.

Avvo turned to Twilio to enable thousands of unique trackable phone numbers, which are easy to buy in bulk or provision with the Twilio REST API. Legal professionals who purchase a premium listing receive a unique phone number, and the Avvo website provides a metrics interface where attorneys can easily trace the source of their leads. LeadGenEngine Slide6 combined

Avvo can retain its paying customers more easily by providing visibility into how effective lawyers are at marketing themselves through the Avvo directory. This way, they’re able to achieve higher retention and satisfaction rates.

Generate Performance Reports

Using a dedicated phone number to track calls makes it easy to report on lead status whether it’s “awaiting response,” or “has been contacted,” or one we all love to hear — “the deal has been closed.” LeadGenEngine slide07

Your online directory can use this information to create performance dashboards where professionals can closely monitor how they're doing and promptly connect with leads passed on to them through your directory.

The next step would be to package this information into a web or mobile interface or integrate data with an existing CRM.

Monetize the value you create

CarGurus, a online directory that connects car dealers with prospective buyers, attaches a concrete dollar benefit to those who upgrade their subscription.

How? An upgraded subscription allows car dealers to uncover more information about potential buyers. LeadGenEngine Slide8

With a basic subscription, a web click-to-call mechanism hides the prospects’ contact information. If a call is missed, the car dealer has no way of getting back to their customer, losing a potential opportunity.

Car dealers can get full access to the prospect’s contact details by upgrading their subscription. When they know who’s calling it’s easier to connect with prospects and convert them into a lead.

By tracking calls, your online directory can monetize the value it creates for professionals who are able to gain a better understanding prospects.

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