Never Miss an Opportunity with Lead Alerts

Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications - Part 4: Using the right communication tools can convert 60% of leads to customers. Find out how using APIs.

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Never Miss an Opportunity with Lead Alerts

This is the fourth article in the seven-part series: Build a Lead Generation Engine with Communications

For online directories, response times are critical for lead conversion. The longer it takes for a professional to answer an inquiry, the more likely the lead will look for services elsewhere.

Calls and text are a quick and direct way to let professionals know a lead is expecting a response. By reaching them on time, professionals will not only capture more leads but also convert them on before they turn cold.

In turn, you will be able to retain and attract professional and increase the stickiness of your directory.

Implement lead notifications via SMS

According to Trulia, the biggest real estate directory in the US, if a real estate agent returns an inquiry call within the first 5 minutes, the lead conversion probability increases 100 times.

However, when an agent is busy with other clients or on the field, they can't always respond to calls immediately, missing lead opportunities along the way.

Text messages on the other hand, are not only more convenient because they're asynchronous but, 95% of the alerts sent by text are opened within 4 minutes. To address the challenge of missed calls and opportunities, Trulia started to send text notifications whenever a real estate agent missed a call. This way, they were able to convert 60% of online leads into customers. LeadGenEngine slide12

Improve conversion rate via SMS notifications and live calls from online forms

Online inquiries generated by filling out a webforms is another common way to inform professionals about potential leads. An email is then sent to the professional for follow up. According to the California Association of Realtors, leads, 96% of leads expect to be contacted within 4 hours.

This is a huge opportunity that goes unaddressed simply because real estate professionals don't check their emails as often when they're on the field. And even if they do get a notification, it's much easier to get back to the lead via a call or text when you're constantly on-the-go.

By directing inquiries from online forms to these real estate professionals in the form of SMS notifications Trulia was able to achieve a high level of responsiveness, and attract more leads to its directory. LeadGenEngine slide13

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