Part 1: Learn The Basics of Call Attribution for Online Directories

Each attribution level provides different granularity to help prove the value of your platform. This is the second article in a five part series.

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Part 1: Learn The Basics of Call Attribution for Online Directories

Call tracking helps online directories prove the value of their platform as a lead source to sellers.

In order to get sellers to list on your directory, you need to show them how their listings are performing in terms of bringing revenue and increasing conversion. As we saw in the previous article, call attribution lets you tie phone numbers to your sources. For online directiories, these can be sellers, their individual listings or to each visitor who view those listings. This allows you to provide granular information as to how they’re performing as a seller, how their individual listings are doing and how those listings are performing with different personas.

You can then package these insights into premium features. Houzz, for instance, offers pro+ as an “advanced” membership for businesses who want to better build their brand online, outside of their website. Members who subscribe to pro+ are able to increase visibility, target the right buyers and get insight into their profile. In this article, we will take a look at a fictional online directory for new and used cars called CarsCarsCars and how it can prove value by delivering high-quality leads to car dealerships.

We will explore three broad categories of call attribution, each with its own set of number management strategies.

## Seller-Level Attribution With seller-level attribution, you assign a separate phone number (or group of phone numbers) to each seller to display on their listings. All calls to that number (or group of numbers) can then be attributed to that seller. This provides high level overview of performance but does not go into the details of how the different car listings are performing. Seller Level Call Attribution## Listing-Level Attribution Listing-level attribution provides more granularity than seller-level attribution. With this strategy, you allocate a distinct phone number to each listing so you can measure the listing’s performance separately. If a car dealership on wants to find out how many people are calling their ads for different models and makes, this would be the attribution level they would need.
Listing Level Call Attribution## Visitor-Level Attribution Visitor-level attribution provides the most granularity, allowing you to accurately attribute the call to the specific user that viewed the listing. It involves allocating a distinct phone number to each impression of the same listing. When the same listing is viewed by multiple users, they will each see a different phone number. So if a car dealership has more than 1 visitor interested in the same listings, they can target them individually using visitor-level attribution offered by User Level Call Attribution

In the next few articles, we will dive deeper into number management strategies for all three levels of call attribution, starting with seller-level attribution.